Lake Mission Viejo “Paint the Lake”
September 14, 2019

SHOW – Want hundreds of people to see your work in a single day?  Each entry is anonymous, with the signature covered, and the artwork numbered. The community decides the winner by number, and it’s fun to anonymously listen in as they decide.

WIN – Want a chance to have your artwork purchased for $500 by the Lake association?  The winning piece will be displayed with 14 years of prior winners (most of which are by League members), in the Lake office.

SELL – Want to exhibit where art sales happen each year?  The host collects a list of interested buyers for each artwork and provides it to the respective artists in the days after the show.

GET STAMPED NOW – BEFORE YOU START, your canvas must be stamped by the Lake office. Get it stamped now at Lake Mission Viejo, and start painting!

Cost to Enter

Event and Lake Access:
Saddleback Art League Members OR Lake Members

Canvas stamp and registration PRIOR to painting:

Canvas stamp and registration location:
Lake Mission Viejo – 22555 Olympiad Rd, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 – 8AM-5PM Daily

Number of pieces allowed per artist:

Subject Matter:
Mission Viejo Lake

12×14 to 24×36 before framing

Drop off and Display Date:
Saturday, September 14th

Display Easel:

Ready to hang:

From Lake Mission Viejo Facebook:

Calling Local Artists!

The 15th annual Paint the Lake competition, to be held during Jazzfest & Taste the Lake on Saturday, September 14th, is mere months away!

Artists interested in entering the annual Paint the Lake competition should bring their canvases to the Lake Services counter for stamping before starting to paint entries. Contact the LMVA Lake Services Office at (949) 770-1313, ext. 200 for more information.

Artists’ pieces representing our beautiful Lake will be displayed for our membership’s enjoyment and vote. The artist receiving the most votes will collect a $500 check for purchase of their piece which will become part of the LMVA Paint the Lake art collection.

From the Lake Mission Viejo Sign Up Form:

The Lake Mission Viejo Association would like to announce the annual “Paint the Lake” Art Competition. The competition will take place on September 14, 2019. It is open to any age artist, amateur or professional. LMVA members and non-members are welcome to participate.

Each artist may paint as many pieces on canvas or paper as desired, however only one may be entered in the competition. In order to be entered into the competition, each “blank” canvas or paper must be date-stamped at the Lake Services Office from now through September 14, 2019; open every day, 8AM-5PM. Access passes for onsite painting will be issued to non-members at the time of canvas stamping. This will insure that every artist has the same amount of time to create their masterpiece.

The subject of the judged painting must depict life at Lake Mission Viejo. Paintings may be completed at the artist’s discretion either on the Lake grounds or in-studio. If you are not a Lake Member but want to complete your painting on LMV grounds, you must bring your LMV Access Pass issued to you at the time your canvas was stamped to gain access. All paintings must be suitably framed; no smaller than 12 x 14 before framing, no larger than 24 x 36 before framing. Decision to include/exclude a painting is at the sole discretion of the LMVA management.

One entry per Artist will be entered into competition. Each artist must supply their own display grid or easel for the Art Show. LMVA will not be responsible for any paintings or easels left after 10 PM.

A purchase prize of $500 will be awarded to the winning artist. The painting will join previous winners of “Paint the Lake” on display in the LMV Gallery. Judging will be by popular votes of Jazz Fest attendees, (only one vote per person will be accepted). Winners and artists will be notified within two weeks, the winning piece is then to be delivered to the Lake Mission Viejo Association Administration office where the prize will be held for the winner.

All paintings, easels and displays must be removed immediately at the close of the Jazz Fest, approximately 10PM. No painting may be removed prior to 9:30PM. LMVA will not be responsible for any paintings or easels.

Many thanks to Lake Mission Viejo for allowing our members the special privilege of participating!