2022 Spring Reflections Annual Juried Art Show

Presented by Saddleback Art League

June 19 to August 12 at the Mission Viejo Library


  • Framed and hanging by a wire (no sawtooth hangers, only wire)
  • Members only – Join at https://saddlebackartleague.com/join-now/
  • No nudity, politics, violence, profanity
  • Max diagonal size: 45 inches (includes frame)
  • Limit 3 paintings per person, 100 paintings in show
  • Fees:
    • 1 painting for $20
    • 2 paintings for $35
    • 3 paintings for $50
  • Entry deadline: June 14 Register at https://saddlebackartleague.com/event-list/#!event/2022/6/18/spring-reflections-juried-show
  • 10% commission to SAL for all sales
  • SAL is not responsible for art not picked up on time
  • Previous award winners will be marked as “Masters”
  • Entry details for each piece:
    • Artist Name
    • Artwork Name
    • Medium
    • “NFS” or price with phone or email


  • $100 Best of Show
  • $50 First Place per Medium (watercolor, mixed media, acrylic/oil)
  • Announced at Potluck Banquet in July 12


See volunteers needed.

Contact drjimprothero@gmail.com

June 14, Tuesday

Entry registration deadline. Register at https://saddlebackartleague.com/event-list/#!event/register/2022/6/18/spring-reflections-juried-show

If not paying online, checks will be accepted at this monthly meeting.

June 18, Saturday

Art Drop-off
Library TV Studio Room. Need 4 volunteers. No drop offs will be accepted after 2PM. Volunteers need to arrive at 9:30AM for their assignments. Sign hold harmless agreement and provide receipt needed for pickup.

Take pictures of artwork that won awards

Make Labels for Show Entries
You will be given a list of all entries from board members at least a week before drop off date. Must have all labels done and delivered to contest chairperson by Saturday, June 18 or no later than 9:30AM Sunday, June 19. Contact chairperson to arrange a time for delivery.

June 19, Sunday

Carry/move Artwork and Hang Show
Need 10 volunteers. Must be capable and able to lift and hang paintings. Please do not sign up if you are not capable of doing do.

Prep Art
Attach labels to wall, hang ribbons, remove yellow, red, blue and green stickers from paintings, wipe down all glass frames housing any watercolor artwork with Windex to remove any finger prints.

June 21, Tuesday

Judge and Board Members
Rick Delanty

Late June

Create certificates for juried show entries
Must be completed before awards ceremony, July 12

July 12, Tuesday

Awards Banquet PotluckSetup
All attendees will help set up. [Potluck signup for drinks, salad, desert, sides. Entree?]

Awards Banquet Potluck
NPM in the Juniper Room (NOT the usual Jacaranda room and not MV City Hall Saddleback Room)

August 12, Friday

Take Down Artwork

Pick-up All Artwork From Show
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

  • All artwork must be picked up at this time
  • Artwork will not be released without confirmation of “Hold Harmless Agreement” form (which should have been signed at time of drop off) or a receipt.
  • Artwork not picked up will be charged $5 per day storage or become the property of SAL.
  • 10% commission is payable to Saddleback Art League for any art sold, as a result of show.
  • Entries juried into the show may not be removed from the show prior to this time